Consultancy, Advising and Training


The unstoppable growth of cyber crime means businesses of all sizes need to rethink their approach to the security of their sites and data.

You may think you’re too small to be of interest but it’s exactly these smaller businesses, with less-stringent security measures, that fall prey to hackers. At best, a hacker may use your site as a ‘mule’ to send out spam. At worst, they use their skills to gain access to your bank account, or to steal your ideas.

Our primary focus is to help build cyber resilient businesses that can not only protect themselves in cyberspace, but also swiftly recover and resume business operations when attacked.

We achieve this by:

  • Helping businesses identify critical and data assets.
  • Conducting risk assessments.
  • Helping to create an effective incident response plan.
  • Training all staff.