IT Penetration Testing


Penetration testing is a simulated real-world hacker attack against a business’s IT infrastructure or application. A penetration test (pentest) identifies vulnerabilities which are then exploited, and this is used by businesses to improve their cyber attack prevention


Penetration tests provide an excellent view of the current security status of an organisation. The result of the penetration test helps business owners gain a better understanding of their levels of exposure, identify weaknesses in their IT systems and provide details for rectifying vulnerabilities which surface from pen testing. By carrying out network penetration testing, you make yourself much less vulnerable to malicious hacker attacks which could cripple your business and cause costly downtime.

Our teams of cyber security experts stay up to date with all the latest cybersecurity breaches and hacking techniques and can therefore help you keep your systems future- proof. Our pentest expertise covers all business IT systems from major technology providers.


We work with you to conduct a comprehensive, real-world penetration test. On completion of the simulated cyber security breach, you receive:

Detailed report including risk assessment

Our experienced cyber security experts will provide detailed documentation of the outcome of the pen testing and assess the risks of identified vulnerabilities.

Suggestions for network security improvements

By performing penetration testing, our experts not only expose security gaps, they also advise companies on how to close them.

Verification of the effectiveness of implemented actions/improvements

Companies have the opportunity to verify the success and effectiveness of their corrective actions in a follow-up pentest.

In-depth assessment

We can tailor a unique programme to suit your organisation’s needs. We can provide penetration tests on a regular basis spanning different areas with differing requirements to ensure the overall security of your business.